We have most of the tools that you are likely to need to build your ideas.For a full list of the components we have available to you, you can see our Lab Inventory. Some tools that are particularly interesting:

Safety Goggles, Fire Extinguishers, and First Aid Kit

Saftety first, friends. When working with soldering irons, drills, rotary tools, etc, please use safety goggles. If we run into trouble, we have fire extuingishers and a first aid kit, but we'd really like it if we don't have to use them.


We have lots of phillips and flathead screwdrivers of all sizes, though we don't have enough for everyone to keep for the entire time. Please make sure to return them when you are done.

Pliers and Wire Strippers

We have all the wire-cutting and stripping tools you need. We also have a lot of pre-cut male/male, female/female and male/female wires.

Scisors, Hacksaw, Exacto Knives

Need to cut things? We have several pairs of scisors, exacto knives, a small hacksaw, and an acrylic cutting tool.

Soldering Irons, and Support

We will have three soldering stations set up with solder, holders, solder removers, etc. If you don't know how to solder, ask someone. It is easy, but it is worth talking it through to make sure you don't burn yourself or damage the parts/equipment.


We have three multimeters. These tools are useful for measuring voltage, resistence, and current. They are debuggers for electronics.

Hot Glue Guns

Hot glue is one of the most versitile adhesives in a hacker's toolbox. It hardens quickly, and most things stick together with it. We have two glue guns hot and ready.

Drill and Bits

We have a drill for you to use along with assorted driver bits and drilling bits. Please wear safety goggles!

Other Tools

Just because it isn't listed here, we might have a tool you need. Just ask us!