We have a LOT of components to help you make your design a reality. For a full list of the components we have available to you, you can see our Lab Inventory. Most of these components have a nice Johnny-Five abstraction. Some components that are particularly interesting:



Servos are a specific kind of motor which includes gearing and motor control built into the package. The servos you received in your kit are "continuous rotation" servos. This means that they can rotate clockwise (servo.cw()) and counterclockwise (servo.ccw()) indefinately. They work well for rotating the wheels of your bot. You also have access to some standard servos which rotate (servo.to(degs)) to a specific value. We have several standard-sized servos as well as several micro-sized servos. Johnny-Five Servo Reference

Motors, Gears, Wheels, HBridges, Motor Shields

Motor Gearmotor Motor Shield

There are times when you want access to a vanilla motor. These motors are much more simple than servos -- they don't have any gears or motor control circuitry -- so they give you more control. We have gearboxes and wheels in order to transfer the motor's drive to much higher torque. We also have HBridges which can drive a motor and control the direction. We also have "motor shields" which plug into your Arduino and include the circuitry necessary to drive motors. Johnny-Five Motor Reference

LEDs, Digit Displays, Matrix, Drivers

LED LED RGB 7-Segment LED LED Matrix

Want to give visual feedback to the user? We have hundreds of LEDs (Red, Gree, and Blue) as well as RGB units where you can set arbitrary colors. We also have 7-segment displays. These come in single-digit and 4x-digit packages. You need a "driver" chip to decode these displays, which we have in the lab. We also have several 8x8 LED arrays where you can create whatever pattern you want. They take the same "driver" chip as the 7-segment components. Johnny-Five LED Reference, Johnny-Five LED RGB Reference, Johnny-Five LED Digits Reference, Johnny-Five LED Matrix Reference



We have a handful of Joystic controls that you can hook up for control. They include X and Y directions as well as single push-buttons. Johnny-Five Joystick Example

Toggles, Pushbuttons, Relays

Toggle Switch Momentary Switch Relay

If you need switch inputs, you want to use a toggle switch or a push-button (momentary) switch. If you'd like to control a switch, you want a relay. Johnny-Five Toggle Switch Example, Johnny-Five Button Reference, Johnny-Five Relay Reference



If you want your bot to make a noize, you want a buzzer, There are Active Piezos which make a sound when a voltage is applied. There are also Passive Piezos which make a sound when a voltage is toggled. Passive buzzers are good when you want to control the pitch. You can even play songs with these buzzers! Johnny-Five Piezo Reference, J5-Songs Reference

Photosensors, Motion Sensors, Flame Sensors, Reflectance Sensors

Photosensor Motion Sensor Flame Sensor Reflectance Array

We have all sorts of light-based sensors for you to work with. Light sensors will detect ambient light. They can also be controlled via laser pointers! Motion sensors will detect when something is in front of it. Flame sensors will detect flames! Reflectance sensors will detect white vs black material. They are great for writing line-following bots! Johnny-Five Sensor Reference, Johnny-Five Reflectance Array Reference

Ping (distance) Sensors

Ping Sensor

Ping sensors can tell you how far away an object is. They send out an ultrsonic pulse and measure the time it takes to receive the response. Johnny-Five Ping Reference

Temperature, Humidity, Barrometric Pressure, Water Sensors

Temperature Sensor Water Sensor

We have a handful of sensors that you can use to read the conditions around you. Temperature sensors have a Johnny-Five abstraction but the others just need to use the Sensor class. Johnny-Five Temperature Reference, Johnny-Five Sensor Reference

Accelerometers and Gyros


Accelrometers are units that can tell you the XYZ orientation of an object. Gyros can tell you the XYZ rotation of an object. When used together, these units can tell you a lot about the inertial movement of your bot. We have individual sensors, but we also have several units which have both sensors in one unit. Johnny-Five Accelerometer Example, Johnny-Five Gyro Reference, Johnny-Five IMU Reference

Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Diodes

resistor capacitor transistor diode

Many of the above components are contained and you don't need extra circuitry to power them. You may find, however, that you need to build your own circuits. Our assored resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes should help you build most simple circuits.

Breadboards, Wires, and Pins

Breadboard wires pins

Your kit includes a small breadboard. We have several extra, larger breadboards. We also have breadboard shields as well as solder boards for you to use.


9v AA AA clip

Your kit includes four AA batteries. Should you spend all the energy in your battery, we have some extra batteries for you to use. We also have several 9V batteries and clips.