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CareEvolution is a healthcare IT company who is trying to fix healthcare as we know it. What do tiny JavaScript-powered robots have to do with healthcare? It is all about culture. We believe that hacking is an important part of exploring new ideas and concepts. Every 8 weeks, we hold a "hackathon" where we encourage our employees to try something new. Sometimes, we introduce a new visualization into our product line. Other times, we evalutate a new technology.

Programming robots? Sure! Designing robots requires you to think, design, and debug in multiple dimensions. By tackling problems in software, electronics, and the physical world, you are forcing yourself to think differently than you do every day. That exercise relaxes your brain so that when it comes time to solve problems in your day job, you are more creative and more likely to think about problems from a different perspective.

If a culture like this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to talk to us and help us: