Our competition event for CodeMash will be "Capture the Flag". Your bots will compete in head-to-head competition which will test your bot's agility, strength, and defensive abilities. The goal is for one bot to capture the other bot's "flag" (a colored block) and bring it back to the "home base".


Here are the rules

  1. If you touch your flag from inside your home base, you lose.
  2. If a block leaves the course, the last player to touch it loses.
  3. If the opponent puts your block in their home, you lose.
  4. If time expires without a winner, the player with their opponents block closet to their home wins ( measured is linear distance through the course )
  5. Rounds last 45 seconds. Successful flag capturing ensures immediate victory. Otherwise, best two-out-of-three. Undetermined winners will be decided with a coin toss.

You have full access to the maker space. If you build the reference kit, you are very unlikely to win. You need to innovate. What kinds of modifications can you make to give yourself an advantage? What strategies will help you win?

There can be only one true king on the flag field; will it be your bot?